5 New Features In The Upgraded Facebook Ad Manager

Over the past month we’ve been testing out the new Facebook ad manager and according to a post from Facebook yesterday, it will be rolled out to all users “in the coming weeks”. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to test out the new ad manager, we thought it would be good to share some of the new features.

Persistent Search And Browse Navigation

Previously when you wanted to make adjustments to campaigns and advertisements it was difficult to navigate between each campaign or ad. With a new sidebar navigation it’s easier to browse through campaigns as you manage multiple campaigns. While I’m not sure if this new design is good for managing hundreds of campaigns, it’s most definitely a quicker way to get from one campaign to the next.

Simple Campaign Editing

Previously editing campaigns required numerous clicks. You’d have to view each campaign page to make edits. Now you can make edits to ad campaigns and individual ads within each campaign directly inline. It’s a subtle UI change but it makes things a hell of a lot easier to manage.

Ability To Edit Ad Creatives

Want to change an advertisement after it has been approved? Now you finally can! It was annoying in the last iteration of the Facebook ad manager as you were forced to resubmit advertisements any time you wanted to make adjustments to the creative. That’s no longer an issue, however modified ad creatives also go through the standard approval process.

Multi-Ad And Multi-Campaign Modifications

Rather than modifying ads and campaigns individually you can now edit multiple campaigns and ads simultaneously. As I previously wrote, all these modifications take place inline. This is something I’ve been waiting on for a while. Now that I’ve been able to take advantage of it, I spend a lot less time managing my ads. You can quickly visit your ad manager and make quick adjustments as necessary.

Ad Search

Are you managing hundreds of advertisements and campaigns? Sometimes browsing through a list can become a bit cumbersome. That’s why Facebook has added a search feature which helps you navigate to various campaigns on the fly. While smaller advertisers may not have an issue with handling numerous campaigns, more active advertisers will find this feature to be extremely useful.

More Features

Overall I would say that the new Facebook ad manager is a general improvement although there are still plenty of features that we’d like to see. There are also many new features not mentioned in this list. For larger organizations and agencies, Facebook is currently testing the Facebook Ads API and bulk uploader to make campaign management easier to automate. In the meantime, all users will have an upgraded ad manager to use in the coming weeks. We’ve embedded a copy of Facebook’s ad manager product guide below.