10 of the Worst Logo Designs (and Funniest #PRFail Moments)

April Fools

In the spirit of this overrated day for amateur comedians and inebriated pranksters, we thought it would be a good idea to offer some insight on how advertising and public relations are inexorably connected, for better or worse. Consider this: When a company builds a logo, it’s the job of the PR agency to deliver on that brand promise.

To wit, when a creative agency makes a logo that lives in infamy for the wrong reasons, it’s up to the PR agency to clean up the mess in the media … or just throw in the towel and laugh. The post is all about the latter. Enjoy.

Catholic church archdiocese1. The Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

In 1973, the ecumenical minds of marketing collected their savvy and decided to make a logo that will create that lasting impression. Whelp, they did, only not in that way. Oddly enough this won an award from the Art Director’s Club of Los Angeles.

Perceptions were on the rise to get to the point they are today, but there it is — genius and illegal activity in action.

So, um, yeah.


bench-warmer-failed-logo2. Benchwarmer

This NSFW company was designed to pique the interest of guys everywhere. You know, if that’s their sort of thing. The problem with the brand, which still exists because apparently management never got the memo, is the one thing dirty old men don’t want to imagine sexy women doing, is exactly what this logo is forcing men to consider.

Personally, we think the logo stinks. (Of course, you see what we did there.)


Institute-of-Oriental-Studies3. Rising Sun Sushi

This logo probably began as a sense of pride somehow, but the finished product has advertising and PR professionals wondering if there was puff-puff-pass moment in this board room. Recalling on what little I know about Japanese culture and art, the designer thought of a dojo and the Japanese flag in the background.

The troubling this is that said designer’s head was up … well, we think you get the point.


kids exchange4.  Kids Exchange

Again, an interesting name for a children’s clothing consignment store. What with Amber Alert awareness and all, but there it is — the most pressing case for type setting, capitalization, and possible punctuation.



arlington pediatric center5. Arlington Pediatric Center

We believe, much like Whitney, that children are indeed the future. That’s why a logo entailing the innocence of child should be carefully considered. Why? Because trolls exist and common sense refuses to prevail at times.

Like this time for certain.


kudawara6. Kudawara Pharmacy 

When going to a pharmacy, it is typically a good idea not to take things that creates hallucinations. However, if you look carefully … wait, scratch that. If you just take a gander, you can clearly see what this “K” logo entails.

Reason No. 1 why you should not jack with the font in the logo.


ass container7. Ass-Container

Oddly enough, this German company was onto something. It’s an event management company that likes to emblaze its logo on anything. Even port-a-potties. Given the acronym, nice try, but juuuuuust a bit outside.

(It’s even the corporate domain.)


computer doctor8. Computer Doctor

Yes, when afflicted with this dysfunction, you do need a doctor. Only not the one that looks like a homeless man wearing hipster specs. Quite possibly a real doctor who can check your hard drive, bandwidth, and erectile issues.

Pick your own euphemisms.


LocumLogoCircle9. Locum

This is a Swedish property management company. Although the name is used in the medical community — called “Locum Tenens” — these Nordic marketing whiz kids thought changing the “O” to a heart would be a great idea.

Instead, they share a completely different message and cause the corporate PR firm to field calls from porn companies everywhere.


junior jazz10. Junior Jazz Dance Class

You know those pictures that mess your mind after you stare at it a while? Yeah, that didn’t happen here unless, of course, you stare carefully at the logo and realize what type of people this dance class attracts to sign up for its class. Go ahead, stare. You will see something else appear.

Jazz hands indeed!

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