10 Steps To Score Your Dream Job On Facebook

Facebook is not what typically pops to mind when job seekers launch their search for employment. But it should be.

Facebook is not what typically pops to mind when job seekers launch their search for employment. But it should be.

Considering that hiring companies post job openings as status updates on their corporate pages, make job offers via Facebook direct message and instantly tap those who regularly engage with their pages when filling immediate positions, job seekers would do well to leverage the power of the greatest social network.

Here are 10 ways to add the Facebook advantage to your job search.

1. Update and polish your profile

Prospective employers might catch a quick first glimpse of you online and decide right then and there how you fit with their company. So, your profile should reflect how you want to be seen professionally.

Upload a quality photo that shows you dressed as you would in the position you seek. Adjust privacy settings so that industry professionals do not see too much personal information.

Regularly scan your wall and remove any profanity or questionable photos, such as those with alcohol.

2. Send A Message

Once your profile is ready to be showcased to prospective employers, send a message to all of your friends letting them know you are looking for work. Include everyone – you never know who may have helpful information or contacts.

However, you want to avoid, overwhelming your friends with sob stories or constant job-search posts. Instead, briefly update your network about your job-search status every few days or week. Include insights on your job-search activities that may be useful or valuable to your friends.

3. Locate And Socialize With Desired Companies

Make a list of companies you would like to work for. Aggressively identify their corporate pages on Facebook, click on like and start a dialogue with them. Comment on posts, engage in conversations and regularly check status updates (where companies may post when hiring).

Look at the likes of your desired companies and consider getting involved with some of these groups. If you are already involved with any of the groups they like, such as a school, explore this as a way to be introduced to the company. Click the “meet us” button if there is one, to learn about the company’s recruiting team and locate contact information.

4. Join And Participate In Groups

Identify and join Facebook groups related to your industry and interests. Also seek alumni groups or employee groups for your desired companies.

Leave messages on discussion boards and engage fellow members. Post messages on group walls, letting members know what position you are looking for and inquiring about introductions and leads.

5. Comb Your News Feed

Posts from all the companies you like will appear in your news feed. Log into Facebook regularly to stay up-to-date. Companies that are hiring often post open positions on Facebook – and it’s not unheard of for job offers to arrive, and be accepted, via direct message on the social network.

6. Search Wisely

The search bar can be a major asset to your job hunt. Find resources by typing “jobs,” “job search,” “careers” or “recruiting sites” in the search field. Type in “marketplace” to find classified listings that you can search according to position and location by clicking on “jobs.”

7. Stay Open To New Approaches

Some marketing firms have posted Facebook contests as a way to identify and vet candidates. In such competitions, usually held to fill internship positions, candidates may be charged with getting as many likes as possible on their page in a given time period. This allows employers to see how candidates would use social media to mobilize people and market themselves.

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