10 Things Facebook Users Love And Hate

While large brands and small businesses alike are taking full advantage of Facebook Pages and Facebook advertising, many users are spending their time speaking out about things they love or hate. While I typically take the time to highlight brands or people that are doing excellent things, I thought it would be fun to list some of the off-topic Facebook Pages that are among the most popular, yet do not represent any official organization.

Love: Sleep

Facebook users love their sleep. It’s not surprising considering that all (or most) Facebook users are humans. Humans have a basic need for their daily dose of sleep. During this time, Facebook users shut off their computers (or let the screensavers run), lie down, and close their eyes. While sleeping, a large portion of these Facebook users tend to have something called “dreams”. Dreams are things that all Facebook users tends to enjoy, however sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Hate: Waking Up From Dreams

Whether their parents are waking them up to go to school, a baby is crying, a lover is snoring, or the sky starts to fall and make very loud noises, Facebook users are occasionally awake from their joyous slumber unexpectedly. It’s an unfortunate occurrence, especially when the individual was in the midst of an amazing dream. Whether they were flying through the sky, having sex with someone they are lusting after, or having vivid imaginations in general, sleep eventually ends.

If the individual was is a dream when they awoke, they often attempt to go back to sleep to continue the dream. I know I’ve done before! So have over 3.6 million other Facebook users on the page, “I hate waking up during a good dream and it won’t come back!“. So when do Facebook users tend to get woken up from their slumbers?

Love: Staying Up Late For Pointless Reasons

After they’ve stayed up late of course! Over 3.5 million Facebook users have joined a page titled “I don’t sleep enough because I stay up late for no reason.” Another 2.44 million Facebook users stay up late just because they love it. Whatever the reason is that you stayed up late, you’ll most likely regret it the next day. No matter how many times we stay up late though, it’s inevitable that we’ll have another night with not enough sleep. These Facebook users never learn!!

Hate: Stupid People

After waking up, users want something to bitch about and one of the most bitched about things on Facebook is “Stupid People”. Over 2.6 million people have joined the page “I hate stupid people“. Who doesn’t hate stupid people? They suck! If you are looking to be extremely articulate and wish to voice your opinion against those whom you don’t like, feel free to join the “I hate stupid people” Facebook Page.

Love: Vacation

Facebook users work a lot. While 23 percent of Facebook may make over $100,000 a year on average (according to Nielsen), they don’t get a lot of time to take vacations. That’s why over 4.37 million Facebook users claim that they need a vacation. While the Facebook Page has been relatively stagnant recently, “I need a vacation” is still the 12th most popular Facebook Page according to Facebook Pages statistics tool. If the Facebook users spent less time on Facebook and more time working, perhaps they could get away to that vacation just a little bit sooner!

Hate: Slow Computers

Unfortunately it’s not always easy to be productive. That’s because sometimes our computers just aren’t running smoothly. While that was my reason for upgrading to a MacBook Pro long ago, many people are not fortunate enough to work for a company that values efficiency. If you happen to be running a PC which has downloaded tons of spyware, is plagued with viruses, or simply doesn’t load quickly anymore, I feel your pain. I have a few computers that I use and some of them just don’t load quickly. It appears that over 3.89 million Facebook users also have experienced the exact same thing.