10 Mistakes That You Might Be Making On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter is a million different things to a million different people, and it’s probably fair to say that there is no single right way to use the micro-blogging social network. If whatever you’re doing on Twitter works for you, then it works.

However, there are certain things that some folks do on a regular basis on Twitter that are not only harming their efforts on the platform itself but, if they repeated this behaviour in their “real life”, they’d likely quickly see the error of their ways… if only because they’d appear to be quite insane.

For example: tweeting too much. There is no magic number of tweets that we should each be sending per day to maximise engagement on the network, but I think we instinctively know when we’re tweeting too often. Or so you’d think – for some users, there appears to be no upper limit to the number of times they update over each and every 24 hour period, to a point where it almost always negatively impacts their standing on Twitter.

You need more? What about #FollowFriday. There’s nothing wrong with recommending one person to another person on Twitter when they have similar interests and goals, but mass-recommending as many @usernames as you can fit into one or more tweets is of no use to anybody whatsoever. Not only is the recommendation diluted because so many people have been included, but you have failed to provide any legitimate reason(s) why anyone would want to hook up with those folks. So why would they?

Celebrity ass-kissing, retweeting every compliment (what I like to call metweeting), endlessly tweeting about food and sharing inspirational quotes… the list goes on and on. And on.

Check the visual below for 10 mistakes that you might be making in how you use Twitter, and take a moment to consider how this behaviour would appear in the offline world – it just might encourage you to tidy up your act.

(Source: Dashburst.)

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