10 Ways To Market To Women On Facebook

Women can be a picky bunch and with about 300 million of them using Facebook, companies have to be savvy when furthering their brand online.

Brette Borow, author or the Girls Guide To… series, suggests the t op 10 musts for marketing to women on Facebook.

1. Quality Counts

It’s much easier to hide marketing messages on Facebook than to avoid more traditional marketing such as a highway billboards or radio commercials. So, no matter the size of your business, big or small, make the effort to connect with the women you’re targeting through quality marketing that is informative, simply understood and is honest. Trust is the gateway to successful consumer relationships, according to Dr. Neeru Sharma in the school of marketing in Sydney.

2. Emotional Connections Encourage Brand Loyalty

Quality rules, but only emotional connections cement brand bonds. Create a visceral attraction by hitting them where they live. Bring the message home or lose them forever. Dove Marketing & Consulting Group has employed what it calls a “real women” strategy on Facebook and apparently it’s met with astounding success. Women relate to being accepted, no matter what their size or shape, steering them toward the Dove line of products because they’re thinking, “that’s me!”

3. Provide Utility

Give your fans somewhere to go to explore your product and build their trust in what you’re offering. Each time they click expecting information, it should be there. Whatever you’re attempting to brand or market, ensure your updates offer a variety of information that is crisp and new to your fans.Cover Girl, for example will unveil its “Simply Ageless” tactics through consumer advocacy on Facebook at the Marketing2Women conference coming up in Chicago this week.

4. Let Fans Be Heard

Don’t let it end with just telling them – women want the chance to respond and be heard online. Asking fans on Facebook about potential products is the number-one way to conduct your own focus group without paying huge dollars. Women love to share their opinion on how to make your existing product line even better. Nowhere is that more important than among younger demographics, including the 20-somethings, who thrive on social media.

5. Listen!

Social media can make or break a reputation among women. A string of complaints on Twitter or Facebook can kill a brand, unless you’re willing to nip it in the bud by addressing a female customer’s concerns and then offering to make it right. Conversely, online compliments are an exceptional feedback process that will drive your brand in a social way. A Harris Poll found that 34 percent of adult Americans have aired their brand opinions via social media.

6. Complement Her Life, Don’t Complicate It

Launching or furthering a product through giveaways is only effective if it is simply understood by the female consumer. McRea Soft Solutions suggests you can up your traffic online using simpler methodology. Keep your brand exciting by offering a taste of what you have to offer.

7. Don’t Be Redundant

Constantly copying your posts through your fan page is a sure way to lose the purchasing power of women. (Here’s a fun spoof of this concept.) Keep it really fresh by providing extra value on your second and third posts; otherwise, you’re driving business away rather than moving it forward.

8. Make Shopping Seamless

Women are generally the boss of you and everyone else, when it comes to purchasing power. According to Nicole Crimaldi on MsCareerGirl.com, 86 percent of all household purchases are made by — you guessed it, females. And, there is nothing they like better than a good deal, except maybe sharing a good deal, online. Time notes that women buyers account for significantly more than half of all purchasers online. Start promoting to them and get your fair share.

9. Remember: She’s A Social Shopper

Online female shoppers are busy purchasing on the web, so make your brand sing by keeping your offers clear, honest and by always responding to customer feedback.

10. Keep Your Fans In The Loop

Be there in good times, but also in bad, to build trust with your female fans. Whether you’re launching a new line or experiencing problems with supply and demand, remaining available with a full social media presence guarantees you’re there for your ladies – rain or shine.

How about it readers — Do you have any other tips for brand marketing to women through social media? Please share your opinions in the comments section.

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