100 Million People Have Their Klout Scores – Do You?

Klout has announced today that 100 million people have used their service to find their Klout score. That’s 100 million different Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media accounts hooked up to Klout to see just how influential they are on the social web. And that’s a big deal.

Klout is the leading influence measurement tool for social media. It determines how influential individuals are, what topics they are influential about, and who they influence using several aspects of their presence and actions on a variety of social networks.

Klout explains in its blog post that the 100 million accounts that have received their Klout score are from 10 social networks, and that in the coming months they’ll be adding even more. They will also be refining the tools they give to their 100 million influencers, to understand and enhance their influence even more.

The power of Twitter and other forms of digital communication is highlighted by companies like Klout and by today’s milestone. People are actively using social media as a means to discuss a wide variety of topics with an equally wide variety of other people interested in those topics. It is a revolutionary method of communication, and Klout offers a way to measure just how effectively it is being used.

If you’re interested in finding your own Klout, if you aren’t one of the 100 million, you can visit Klout.com or follow the instructions here.