100,000 Websites Add Facebook's Social Plugins

In only a few weeks, the number of websites that have implemented Facebook’s social plugins, including the almost ubiquitous like button, has doubled from 50,000 to 100,000. That news came in a blog post earlier today from Facebook employee, Justin Osofsky. It’s an impressive statistic and it’s one that will only continue to grow. Enabling these “social plugins” (or widgets) was a great tool for Facebook to instantly spread the new Open Graph.

While there’s a good chance that many of the sites implementing the service are media companies in addition to personal blogs, there’s no doubt that internet companies around the globe are working on ways to implement Facebook’s new tools. Facebook is also actively touting engagement statistics of companies that have integrated Facebook into their core experience.

Previously branded as “Facebook Connect”, websites have the ability to increase engagement (often twice as much) of visitors coming to their site. For now, Facebook is doing what they always have done well: promoting their products in an effort to build Facebook as an integral part of the web.

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