101XP releases Sochi 2014: Olympic Games Resort on Facebook

Image via 101XP

In anticipation of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, 101XP has announced the release of Sochi 2014: Olympic Games Resort on Facebook. The game sees players acting as one of the organizers of the Olympic Winter Games, building the resort’s attractions to draw in tourists from around the world.

Sochi 2014: Olympic Games Resort is a city-builder, allowing players to collect taxes from homes, build stores and restaurants for shopping or eating, and complete jobs at the factory for building materials. Players are guided through the game via a quest system, and can speed up their progress almost every step of the way using premium currency and/or real money.

Players bring in tourists via the boat dock, with different shipping routes bringing in different amounts of tourists, and also taking varying lengths of time to complete. Once tourists are added to the town, players can help them take pictures of the resort to receive specific building materials, which are then used to construct even more new buildings for the town.

Image via 101XP

Eventually, players will unlock sports arenas for the Olympics, including Curling Centers, an Ice Skating Arena and more. Players can expand the town to hold more items, but will eventually need the help of friends to unlock more land expansions and collect certain building materials without spending money.

Players can also visit their friends’ towns and complete a variety of actions, from interacting with tourists to collecting from buildings.

Sochi 2013: Olympic Games Resort is now available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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