Cleveland Back on the Brink of Misery?

Even though King James will get a pass because of the injuries, another tough summer could be on the books for Cleveland.

The impossible challenge of beating the Golden State Warriors without Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Anderson Varejao caught up with the Cleveland Cavaliers this weekend. In the second half of Game 5, season MVP Steph Curry was able to overcome the dogged defense of Matthew Dellavedova, hoisting along the way some truly ridiculous three-point shots (even for him).


If the Warriors go on to win the NBA title, a couple of recent articles will be worthy of re-examination. In April, Canadian website The 10 and 3 crunched some numbers and declared Cleveland to be North America’s “Most Miserable Sports City.” (That’s their methodology, illustrated above.) Then came the New York Times The Upshot crew; in early June, they bestowed on Cleveland the U.S. crown of “Most Cursed.”

There’s an additional journalistic layer to these two sets of rankings. Last week, The 10 and 3 gang wondered about the similarities between their piece and the one by The Upshot. From the follow-up June 10 post by Zack Gallinger and Arik Motskin:

The format of the [Upshot] piece looks like ours, along with the imagery of fans’ heads draped shamefully in paper bags; the methodology section and metrics sounds a lot like ours too, and the language sounds disturbingly familiar (“we’re looking at you, Buffalo”).

In the reader comments, Gallinger confirms that The 10 and 3 contacted the Times and were told The Upshot had not seen the Toronto site’s item prior to June 4 publication.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.