12 Brands Reminded You That ‘Mean Girls’ Turned 10 Today


Did you wear pink today?

As many brands and other disparate parties reminded us, today is both Wednesday and the tenth anniversary of Tina Fey‘s greatest cinematic achievement to date (on a side note, let’s all pretend ‘Admission’ never happened).

Of course, we knew that clever copywriters would take this golden opportunity to loosely tie their clients’ brands to the movie. It’s like we have ESPN or something.

Now who wore it best?

Whatever. We’re getting cheese fries.

1. Victoria’s Secret

Unlike “fetch”, this one had to happen.

2. The Knot

So you agree? You think you’re really pretty?

3. Sears

Product placement? Hello!

4. L’Oreal Paris

For cool moms–not regular moms.

5. Shock Top

Unfortunately, beer is a carb:

6. Peanuts

Then, of course, came the movie’s other greatest quote:

…and yes, there’s a movie coming.

7. American Airlines

Time for a little refresh:

8. Cover Girl

Calm down, everyone. There are many quotes to choose from:

9. Brita

Or you could go with multiple quotes:

10. MTV

Can we get you guys anything? Some snacks? A condom?

11. Chips Ahoy

We wish we could all get along like we did in middle school…

12. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

She doesn’t even go here!

BONUS: The University of Missouri

No, this one’s not a brand. But we certainly admire the student body’s dedication.

BONUS BONUS: Michelle Obama?!

Here’s one we had to include via HuffPo and our favorite NBC digital comms director (even if it isn’t real):

And while we don’t know how these campaigns scored on the KPI/engagement front, we say to all involved:


In closing, we miss “30 Rock.”

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