MoMa Launches iPad App to Sell Its Books Through

Hot off the heals of being at the forefront in the museum industry last year in launching mobile apps, last last week the Museum of Modern Art kicked off another, this time creating an online marketplace for their books. The MoMA Books App is available for thev iPad and includes a wide assortment of the books released through the museum’s publishing arm, including a number of out-of-print selections. While you’ll not find everything they’ve published, as there likely have to be new contracts drawn up and a series of legal matters to wade through, the museum has promised that the total number of titles will continue to grow. The app itself is free, but of course, the books aren’t. If you aren’t the type who wants to own physical copies of fancy art books to leave out on your shelves and coffee table to show off how smart and cultured you are, and instead want to show off how smart, cultured and technologically savvy you are, here’s your favorite new app to spend money inside of. Here are some details from the press release:

MoMA e-books preserve the original design and layout of the print book while enabling users to zoom in on superb, high-resolution reproductions of artwork for close study of details. The App also allows users to bookmark their favorite pages for future reference. As more MoMA e-books become available, the App will automatically prompt users to update their browsing shelf to show new titles.

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