14 Newspaper, Magazine & Comic Book Apps in iPad Top 200 Grossing List. But, Where’s TIME, Newsweek & National Geographic

The effort to move newspapers and magazines out of the paperbound 19th and 20th centuries into the 21st century fascinates me. It fascintes me because I they were important and should survive to continue to contribute to our culture and record our history. So, how are they doing on the iPad? I took a look at Apple’s list of the Top Grossing iPad Apps as of the wee hours of April 15, 2011 and found these e-publication apps in the top 200. I added in comic book apps into the mix too

11. The Daily
17. New York Post
26. People Magazine
33. Comics (comiXology multiple brands)
42. Marvel Comics (comiXology)
57. DC Comics
64. Popular Science
89. Popular Photography
110. Martha Stewart Living
141. Wired Magazine
150. New Yorker
166. Vanity Fair
171. Bloomberg Businessweek
180. New York Daily News

Although it dropped out of the top 10, The Daily continues to be the top grossing iPad e-publication app. Its slick look, interesting content and reasonable subscription price probably have a lot to do with its success. comiXology owns the comic book space. All three comic book apps in the top 200 list are branded varients of comiXology’s comic book reading and purchasing engine. The only two technology related magazines in the top grossing apps are Popular Science and Wired.

It is also interesting to note the e-publication apps that are nowhere to be seen in the top 200 apps: TIME magazine? Newsweek? National Geographic?

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