$150 Chinese Language eBook Is Top Grossing iOS Book App

A Dream of Red Mansions Collection, a $150 Chinese language eBook app, is the top grossing iOS book app this week.

We’ve used Google Translate to translate the iTunes description to give you more detail about the app. Formerly known as the ‘Stones,’ the collection is a book of  four masterpieces written during the mid-Qing Dynasty.

The app by Comics, free eBooks and Bible reader apps also continued to do well on the list. Below, we’ve listed the top ten grossing iOS book apps of the week.

Top Grossing iTunes Book Apps

Tuesday February 21st

1. A Dream of Red Mansions Collection

2. Comics

3.  Marvel Comics

4. DC Comics

5. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

6. Free Audiobooks

7. NIV Bible

8.  Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker Book

9.  Bible +

10. Free Books

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