17 Celebrity Twitter Users to Follow Post-Oprah

On January 23, 2009, Oprah Winfrey joined Twitter and the world took notice as if Oprah’s joining was somehow the endorsement that all celebrities and celeb followers were waiting for so they too could join the Twitter bandwagon. After Ashton Kutcher’s race to reach one million Twitter followers was achieved, it seems that the celeb/Twitter connection has received a bit less media attention. However, there are more and more stars signing up everyday. Since the big O, many celebrities have joined Twitter, especially this fall, most notably these 20 Celebrity Twitter Users Post-Oprah…

@realtracymorgan – 30 Rock funnyman and SNL alum Tracy Morgan. (49,059 followers)

@redhourben – Ben “I want to be sexier than Tom Cruise” Stiller. (569,859 followers)

@danny_devito – Writer and director Danny Devito has been enjoying the baseball playoffs in Cali. (119,620 followers)

@reggie_bush – The NFL star follows Christ, but you can follow him. (482,956 followers)

@maryjblige – R&B sensation Mary J. has been pitching for AT&T and embraces Twitter. (225,951 followers)

@souljaboytellem – The rapper continues his quest for world domination of all media. (1,709,114 followers)

@jessicaalbaa – Hottie Jessica Alba is one of the few celebs to protect her tweets. (30,656 followers)

@sethmeyers21 – The SNL anchor cracks wise. (40,540 followers)

@questlove – The Roots member is a self-proclaimed “music snob.” (1,011,578 followers)

@jennyfrommtv – Mrs. Jim Carrey has yet to verify her account. (47,663 followers)

@gehrig38 – Outspoken retired baseball pitch Curt Schilling. (14,515 followers)

@droz – Does Dr. Mehmet Oz think Twitter can save your life? Maybe. (63,888 followers)

– still. going. strong. (111,492 followers)

@joelmchale – From Talk Soup to real TV. (1,413,752 followers)

@elizadushku – Acting hottie speaks her mind. (163,762 followers)

– Yes, that’s Mr. to you! (1,135,496 followers)

@Ciara – The young R&B songstress. (223,468 followers)

With thousands of athletes, musicians, movie stars and even politicians online, who has joined recently that you are excited to follow? Let us know in the comments below.