18 Brands That Got Buzzed for #NationalCoffeeDay


Coffee: its effect on human productivity may be up for debate, but thanks to the (good/bad) habits of PRs and our friends across the aisle in media, it will remain the hottest beverage on the planet for the foreseeable future.

Today is National Coffee Day, which means “every day” to those who, like us, drink about four cups every 24 hours.

For social media managers, however, it’s another opportunity to promote the buzz around their brands.

Here are a few that we noticed.

1. Dunkin’ Donuts

The most obvious brand to get a lift from this trend gives us a better-than-average Vine. We can almost smell the beans. Plus: free stuff. This is why people follow brands on social in the first place

2. The New England Patriots

Dunkin’ coordinated this one well, didn’t they?

3. The Boston Celtics

They didn’t even stick to one sport.

4. Sony Electronics

…or one class of company. We have no idea what sort of deal these two brands established, but we like this one.

5. Keurig

Of course this had to happen. Nice design…

6. Krispy Kreme

Very simple one here: free stuff. Nothing else needed (though we would love to see a coffee cup fit to go with that box of 2,400 donuts).

7. Thermos

Does the “overnight coffee challenge” involve drinking coffee and staying up overnight? We might have to take Thermos up on that during Advertising Week.

8. The History Channel

Every holiday doubles as an educational opportunity. (And tea just doesn’t do it on a Monday morning.)

9. Quaker Oats

Some brands skipped the visuals for emojis and all-too-true sentiments. (For the record, fellow dog people, our puppy would never sleep through the grinding of the beans.)

10. Nissan

Here’s a clever one from your requisite “brand whose products have absolutely nothing to do with the event in question”:

11. Sierra Club

Someone scored good placements for green-minded coffee clients.

12. Think Progress

On the flip side, someone had to go negative.

13. Charmin

…and someone had to go Charmin. We were waiting for this one.

14. AT&T

Moving further away from the product itself…

15. Spotify

Not that coffee has to be paired with understated folk rock, but the two make such a natural pair…

16. Bath & Body Works

And one good smell deserves another as well, doesn’t it?

17. Museum of Modern Art

Stirred…not shaken. Please. That would be messy.

18. Staples

This is the only science-centric entry on the list (not that we think of chemistry or coffee when we think of Staples):


Rotten Tomatoes

Not really a brand, but this one did have us thinking of the third season that never was…


This is a band. Or was a band. At any rate: coffee.


House Republicans

What, you thought Coffee Day would be immune to petty party politics? We envy your naivete.


Notice anyone missing from this list? That’s right: Starbucks.

As our friends at PR News reminded us this morning, Starbucks didn’t really even need to bother promoting itself on a day it may as well have invented (partly because it chose today to launch its first global ad campaign).

Now pardon us while we get another cup.

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.