20+ YouTube Gaming Personalities Will Star in an Upcoming Mobile Game

The participants have a combined potential audience of more than 30 million viewers

More than 20 YouTube gaming personalities partnered with mobile game developer Space Ape Games to star in Fastlane: Road to Revenge, an arcade shooter coming soon to iOS and Android devices.

With this partnership, the YouTubers—who have a combined potential audience of more than 30 million viewers—will become in-game characters who interact with players and give them quests to complete.

Each of the content creators will have a say in their in-game representation, and they will be able to create the text for their associated missions and cut scenes. The YouTubers will also be able to engage their viewers by asking them to help write this text.

Here’s the current list of announced YouTube partners (more will be announced in the future):

  • Kwebbelkop
  • Jelly
  • Slogoman
  • The Alvaro845
  • Chief Pat
  • Team Epiphany Jake
  • Coleson Comedy
  • TheSmithPlays
  • Galadon
  • JoblessGarrett
  • Eclihpse
  • Azzyland
  • iamSanna
  • Clash On Gan
  • AndroiMers
  • Bootramp
  • SoooMungry
  • Leah Ashe
  • Epic Voice Guy
  • TheGameHuntah

At launch, Fastlane: Road to Revenge will feature a one-week event that includes quests for each YouTube partner. After that, one four-day event will be launched each week, starring one or two of the content creators.

In a statement, YouTube personality Kwebbelkop commented on the partnership:

This is such a unique opportunity to interact with my fans; I’ve never encountered something like this before. To be able to share a game with my fans in which I’m an actual boss character is awesome! I think my favorite part is going to be the community-created quests. I’m looking forward to seeing what my fans come up with and then actually seeing it implemented in game. This is going to be epic. It will also be super cool to align with some of my YouTuber friends and compete against others as we race through the streets of Fastlane.

Fastlane: Road to Revenge will launch on iOS and Android this spring.

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