Crying Foul Over Kathy Griffin’s Latest Grammy Nomination

A couple of years ago, the Recording Academy loosened eligibility rules for the category of Best Comedy Album. It’s OK now for the soundtrack of a TV program to be considered an “album.”

It’s only because of this rule change that Kathy Griffin is in the running again this weekend with 50 & Not Pregnant, a product put out by Universal Network Television. That does not sit well with Dylan P. Gadino, editor of He recently told LA Times reporter Deborah Vankin that Griffin does not belong in the category for a fourth straight year:

“You shouldn’t be able to take audio from a television show and call it a comedy album,” says Gadino. “Original intent, editing and production should come into play.”

Gadino has a point. The 43-minute track for Griffin’s 2011 nomination comes from a Bravo comedy special and a 2010 Christmas-themed Stephen Colbert broadcast. While Griffin’s fellow nominees Patton Oswalt and Louis C.K. also source Comedy Central TV specials, their album versions are actual albums and contain additional, uncensored material.

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