Awards Pundits Cast Their Votes for Most Egregious Golden Globe Snub

There was no HFPA silver lining this morning for Robert De Niro. Deadline Hollywood awards expert Pete Hammond thinks he knows why:

The omission of Silver Linings Playbook’s Robert De Niro [from Best Supporting Actor] was among the most surprising snubs to me but clearly those two Django co-stars DiCaprio and Waltz rode in and stole his thunder (he also was too busy working to do the all-important – in terms of nominations – HFPA press conference).

Over at TheWrap, Steve Pond leads off his analysis with a look at how the lack of a Beasts of the Southern Wild Best Drama nod underscores the starry-eyed HFPA ballot view:

How else to explain the way the Globes voters ignored Beasts but nominated Nicole Kidman for the laughably trashy The Paperboy? And not only did they go for Kidman in that potboiler, but they gave her a second nomination for her performance in the TV movie Hemingway & Gellhorn.

Then they threw in a nom for her husband, Keith Urban, who wrote the song “For You” for the little-seen movie Act of Valor. Congratulations, HFPA members – you’ve probably guaranteed that Mr. and Mrs. Kidman will attend your shindig on January 13.

For Scott Feinberg at the Hollywood Reporter, the absence of a Best Director nomination for Les MiserablesTom Hooper is definitely shocking, but not necessarily worrisome when it comes to the Brit’s 2012 Oscar chances in that same category:

The HFPA honored David Fincher (The Social Network) over Hooper two years ago when Hooper was en route to winning a Best Director Oscar for The King’s Speech.

Meanwhile, Variety film editor Josh Dickey would rather that these gents and the rest of the For Your Consideration journo crowd use a word other than snub. Per some tweets yesterday, he’s no fan of the term:

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.