Clive Davis Ready for Another AAA-List Grammy Weekend Bash

It’s been nearly ten years since super-agent Swifty Lazar hosted his final, epic Oscar weekend bash. Thankfully, Lazar’s Grammy Awards counterpart Clive Davis is still going strong at age 79, set to welcome the crème de la Grammy crème on Saturday for another Beverly Hilton jam.

LA Times reporter Randy Lewis caught up with Davis earlier this week at one of the famed pink bungalows at the nearby Beverly Hills Hotel. Davis ran through the 2012 guest list, A to J, while pointing to another A-artist as a beacon in the record industry stormy night:

He’s particularly gratified by the success over the past year of British soul singer Adele, even though he wasn’t involved in the commercial and artistic breakthrough of her “21” album, which has sold more than six million copies in the U.S. alone, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

“The Adele story is a great message to the industry: When you have an unusually gifted artist, when you have material as strong as this, an album as strong as this, the public all over the world will respond in huge numbers,” Davis said.

This is no longer your grandfather’s Grammys, but mercifully there is still Grandpa Clive’s annual party. Adele is also part of this year’s uncommonly good line-up of Sunday show performers.

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* Update – 02/11/12: In light of this afternoon’s tragic, shocking death of singer Whitney Houston, Davis has reportedly canceled his pre-Grammys party. Houston was found in a room at the Beverly Hilton, where she was scheduled to attend tonight’s star-studded event. RIP.

Update – 02/11/12: Reporter Alison Haislip, who was told en route to the Davis event that it had been canceled, was then informed that it “is BACK on.” It appears as if an original decision was made, then quickly reversed. To watch a live stream of the Davis red carpet and event, click here.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.