2012 Brought 800% Increase In Top TV Show Tweets

It looks like Nielsen had good reason to create a new metric based entirely on tweet data: 2012 brought an 800% increase in top TV show tweets!

Many shows now include hashtags to encourage conversations online. Earlier this year, we shared a study reporting that 18% of viewers remembered seeing a hashtag on tv, and that number has undoubtedly increased.

Is your favorite show among those most socially shared online?

At a recent Social TV Summit, a panel of television experts discussing the future of social TV metrics said the industry was “leaning toward having a gross engagement point next to a gross ratings point” – and that makes sense. The future of social TV is so bright it’s blinding.

According to Variety, from January through November 2012, Trendrr “measured more than 800 million social interactions around TV programs on their day of air” and “every month of 2012 drew at least double the number of social interactions than the same month in 2011.”

Overall, the year saw a huge 800% growth of social TV chatter on Twitter, and it more than doubled on Facebook and in Apps.

Which shows saw the most activity online? Check out Trendrr’s Social TV Activity Report and be amazed:


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