Social Media Marketing Lessons From 2013’s Hottest Buzz Words [INFOGRAPHIC]

2013 was the year of the Selfie.

Or maybe it was the Twerk. Hmm, the Cronut sure got a lot of attention. And who can forget Cat Bearding?

Ah, whatever. YOLO.

2013 gave us plenty, and it particularly excelled at buzz words. And while the frenzy around these phenomenons might have served no practical purpose (or aroused more than a passing interest) in your life, they can serve as excellent lessons for your marketing plans for 2014, inasmuch as the way that these crazes tapped into the Zeitgest can teach us an awful lot about public psychology, particularly on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, which laps this stuff up.

This infographic from Offerop presents marketing lessons from 2013’s hottest words.

(Source: Offerpop. Buzz image via Shutterstock.)

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