22 Things From Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Presentation That Marketers Need to Know

R/GA breaks down what's to come for mobile and video

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Venture capitalist Mary Meeker's annual presentation always gets the tech industry's attention as a gauge of where digital trends and marketing are and where they're headed in the coming years, and this week's presentation was no exception.

However, combing through her massive presentation is tough, so R/GA's associate director of connections planning, Mickey Goldstein, went through all 213 pages of the deck and narrowed it down to the 22 points he thinks are most important.

One point he was interested in is while there's been a huge bump in mobile ad spend, there's also been a rise in mobile ad blocking in the past year.

Meeker also suggested that the gap between the amount of time consumers spend with mobile media (25 percent) and ad spend (12 percent of budgets) is equivalent to a $22 billion opportunity, but that doesn't necessarily mean that media buyers should start buying up mobile ads like crazy.

"Time spent is only one indicator of media viability for effective advertising," notes Goldstein.

Check out a PDF of Goldstein's condensed version of the presentation.

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