25% Of People Have Tweeted Something They Regret [STATS]

Even though the internet is becoming less and less anonymous, people are still treating it like a free-for-all without rules or repercussions. At least according to a recent poll conducted to see just how responsible people are on Twitter and Facebook.

The Daily Mail reports that 2,000 social network users were polled to mark Holocaust Memorial Day on Friday.

There’s a lot of regret going on in the social sphere, indicating that we should think a little more before we tweet.

One in four respondents said that they regret something they put on Twitter or Facebook, mainly because it upset someone or it was inappropriate content.

And approximately the same number of people said they posted something on one of these sites that they never would have said to someone face-to-face.

Even more respondents – one third – said they had either witnessed or been a victim of online bullying and harassment.

However, not all is bleak when it comes to the type of things we post online. 40 percent of respondents said they use Twitter and Facebook to discuss topics they care passionately about, and almost half of these users said they felt what they posted made a difference.

Do you find it surprising that so many people post things they regret, even when those posts are tied to their actual identity? Or is this just the nature of the internet at work? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(Top image: AISPIX by Image Source via Shutterstock)