2nd Annual Streamys: Twice the Size, Half the Heart

Last year the first annual Streamy Awards was the little show that could. This year it was the big show that didn’t.

The first year the show was at the Wadsworth Theater in Westwood. The red carpet was a whopping ten feet long and most of the outlets were unknown bloggers and obscure people with Internet shows. There was no press room. The media watched the show from the mostly empty mezzanine. The show was quick and quirky, just like, well, Internet TV. It was glitch-free and well organized. It was adorably earnest, sweetly trying to legitimize the medium.

This year the red carpet was three times the size packed with journalist and outlets world wide. Rogers & Cowen did publicity. It was big. So full in fact that they ran out of press badges. Completely out. Steve Pond from TheWrap (who we mistakenly called “James” all night and he was stunningly nice about it) said he was walked into the filing room with no badge at all.

Now if you think the premise of an awards show having technical difficulties is funny – think of an awards show for the technically adept having technical difficulties. The first sign was that in the press room there was a one camera live feed set up that didn’t have sound. So people in the press room were watching the show on the Internet, which froze and fumbled. Then someone figured out that the iPhone app was working. So the people covering the event were figuring out what was happening at the event from their iPad Nanos.

But then it got worse, host Paul Scheer set the tone. His style was a bit raunchy and then the sketches and presenters went even farther. One audience member described the show to us as dick jokes in the triple digits.

Then there were technical difficulties, with the same videos playing for different categories. The categories, 35 in total, had 32 of them ending in the phrase “web series.” The teleprompter glitched and stuttered. There was no plan if something went wrong. So they winged it. It started to become a fiasco.

Then there were streakers. Which, planned or not, actually helped. They really did.

“The whole event was a little too self-deprecating,” two-time Streamy nominated Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks told FBLA.


Kevin Pollak tweeted, “This is by far the best rehearsal of an awards show … ever! EVER!”

Here is the list of the winners.