3 Reasons Fashion Week Is the Worst for PR

If your job in PR touches on fashion in any way, you’ll appreciate this post from the Fashionista blog. Here are the three reasons writer Lauren Sherman gives for hating on Fashion Week as a PR pro and event organizer:

  1. Fake ticket requests: everybody and their third cousin twice removed wants in on the hot shows, and anyone who works in fashion PR will know how pathetically obvious these requests can be—especially on the day of the event. It’s like you’re a virtual doorman or something.
  2. Event crashers: You’re a real-life doorman, too. No matter how carefully you check the RSVP list, some jackass will always try to worm his or her way into the crowd. Such individuals are usually far too desperate to worry about embarrassing themselves, so you might have to work with security to contain and/or eject them.
  3. Complainers: Not only does everyone want to attend the show, they also want the VIP experience. Some journalists and other personalities just can’t seem to accept the fact that they aren’t quite front-row material, so you might have to let them know, in the nicest possible way, that their blog just isn’t as influential as they’d like to think. Physical confrontations are rare, but they do happen—just ask HL Group‘s Lynn Tesoro about last year’s Zac Posen show.

Do we agree? Do we have more reasons to list?

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.