3 Things You Can Learn From YouTube’s Success

Psychologist Chyan Yang from the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan surveyed over 300 individuals about their YouTube use. The results of the survey, published in this month’s Journal of Cyberpsychology and Behavior, reveal YouTube’s secret to success which you can apply to your social networking website.

Ease of Use

According to YouTube, they are 100% focused on creating the easiest-to-use platform. The survey participants confirmed that this strategy is in fact what contributes to YouTube’s large success – people use YouTube because it is easy for anyone to learn and master.

Social media companies should really focus on the web-design aspect of their business. It is crucial to have the most user-friendly website to succeed.

Strength In Numbers

People choose to use YouTube because everybody else is using it. The more people believe that others are using your website and more people will continue to use it in the future, the more likely they are to join in.

It is therefore essential for your business to focus on creating a perception that your website is popular. One way to do so is by buying Facebook fans and displaying the large number of fans on your website.

Word Of Mouth

Yang’s survey found that men are more likely to share YouTube videos if their family and friends think they should, while women are more likely to share YouTube videos if they hear how great it is from an expert on the news.

Your company’s media campaign should therefore focus on both: getting people to share the website with their friends and getting the mass media to publish positive reports about your company. You can start the sharing trend by first telling your friends and family to share the website with their friends and family. To show your website’s legitimacy to women, you can display expert testimonials about your business prominently on your website.

What else do you think contributes to YouTube’s success?