3 Ways Facebook’s Updated Pixel Helps Your Business Grow

Opinion: Marketers and agencies will be able to create a healthy funnel for remarketing

Facebook sets brands up to thrive with more advanced tracking than any other platform Urupong/iStock

Facebook’s recent announcement of its advancement in pixel improvements is making waves in the sphere of online advertising. While the social network already boasts unparalleled trackability within a multitouch attribution model, its recent pixel enhancements were designed to help businesses drive even more conversions by automatically capturing website visitors’ information.

At my agency, Drive Social Media, we’re always looking for new ways to set our partners up for success. This updated pixel allows us to easily leverage our partner’s customer data to more accurately measure conversions, while also building larger audiences for remarketing purposes. As a byproduct of Facebook’s pixel improvements, marketers and agencies will be able to create a healthy (or healthier) funnel for remarketing—with even greater efficacy.

Businesses will gain a greater ability to fuel clients’ campaigns with data, ultimately leading to increased retention. Since “Reachapocolypse” in 2014, it’s become increasingly important for businesses to have a clearly outlined strategy on how to allocate their ad spend, and the pixel update helps fine-tune those ad spends.

So, how specifically will the updated Facebook pixel help your business thrive and grow?

  1. Increase in custom audience sizes: The updated pixel takes matching website visitors to Facebook pages a step further. Choosing manual matching, you can easily gain customer data (name, email, phone number, etc.), expanding your reach, with one simple line of extra code thrown into the pixel. Automatic advanced matching requires no action on your end, enabling the existing pixel to capture website text fields automatically.
  2. Increased attributed conversions: With social media revenue projected to grow by 10 percent annually, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are choosing Facebook as their favored platform. Offering the most advanced attribution system, both the manual and automatic pixel updates connect the dots of the customer journey and provide a more complete picture of their ad performance.
  3. Remarket to qualified leads: These updates allow you to further customize your audience, leading to a more qualified remarketing funnel. The main takeaway from these updates is that they’re programmed to drive your client more conversions (8 percent of advertisers saw an increase in matched purchases during the beta phase), and your knowledge of them positions you as an expert on the world’s most trackable marketing platform.

This increase in attributed conversions and custom audience sizes doesn’t just lay the groundwork for client growth: Facebook sets them up to thrive with more advanced tracking than any other platform. Watch your retention rates soar as you position yourself as an adaptive pioneer of digital technology.

Josh Sample is founder and operating partner of digital marketing agency Drive Social Media.