300K Copies of “I Am T-Pain” iPhone App Sold So Far, $5K Contest Underway

I Am T-Pain is the latest in a series of amazing sonic related iPhone apps from Smule.

TechCrunch reports that Smule sold 300,000 copies in the three weeks after its release…

Smule Sells 300k Copies Of I Am T-Pain, Celebrates With A New Song And A Huge Contest

This karaoke-like app lets you sing along to music from the artist T-Pain. It includes the Antares Auto-tune technology to give you the ability to have the T-Pain-like sliding corrective pitch effect. In other words, it makes your signing sound better.

If you have not bought a copy yet, here’s some really good news: The I Am T-Pain app price will be at the reduced 99 cent level (from $2.99) until 11:59 Pacific Time on October 3.

And, check out the…

I Am T-Pain Contest

…with a grand prize of $5,000.

If you want to learn more about Smule and their I Am T-Pain iPhone app, you can listen to the podcast I recorded with Smule CTO Ge Wang just a few weeks ago by using the embedded podcast player above.

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