YouTube Capture Lets You Share Your Videos Instantaneously to the Web

YouTube Capture is a great addition to Google’s arsenal of iOS apps, enabling users to shoot, edit, and share videos straight to YouTube. In a surprising tactical move, Google has chosen to launch the app in iOS for the moment, stating that the Android version is “in the future.”

The app is fairly basic, but an obvious development for the video giants whose YouTube app was one of the most popular this year in the app store. One of the best feature is the social sharing capabilities – you can publish and post your video to Facebook and Twitter within one application. Quick color corrections and free music makes video editing a bit more easy for quick publishing. If you are afraid of permanently augmenting your raw videos, YouTube assures that all of these “enhancements” can be undone via

The videographer in you can also be assured that YouTube Capture disables shooting in vertical mode, so you won’t be seeing those simple mistakes on this app.

Via Engadget