3D Print Your Lost or Stolen Keys with KeyMe Print Service

The KeyMe App was pivotal in the way we managed our keys. It allowed us to scan and store copies of our physical keys in the cloud, and now, those keys can easily be 3D printed and delivered straight to our door – unless, we’ve lost our mail key.

KeyMe is partnering up with 3D printing specialists Shapeways to deliver 3D printed keys with a little extra pizzazz. With the original KeyMe App, all you have to do is take the app to a locksmith to have it duplicated, but now, your 3D printed keys can also be made of solid gold. At $4000, that’s one key that should never be lost.

As part of the new service users can now order 3D printed keys in plastic, brass or gold via the KeyMe iOS app, with prices ranging from $10 for the most basic plastic key right up to $4000 for a solid gold one. They can also select from a wide range of fun designs for the handle of their keys, including initials, symbols, a design of their own creation, and a host of popular shapes. Users can also submit a photo of themselves, a friend or family member and have a 3D model of that person’s head printed on the end of their key.

With special key orders, you can also specify custom designs with your own initials or symbols. New Yorkers have an even better option. KeyMe’s new service will also bring key kiosks to the city at select 7-Eleven locations across Manhattan.