4 Reasons Why Indaba Music is Dominating Socially-Driven Music Collaboration Online

It’s been over a decade since the first ever online musical collaboration took place, pioneering an entirely new way for musicians to create and share their work. Since then numerous companies have started offering services that allow artists from all over the world to collaborate with each other without having to physically share the same recording space. Sites like Tune Rooms, MixMatchMusic, Kompoz, Virtual Recording Studio and Indaba Music have enabled musicians to record and upload their own tracks, share them with other musicians, and mix entire songs together online. With over 60 000 unique monthly visitors, and endorsements by high profile musicians including Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, Indaba Music has emerged as the dominant player in this market by a large margin. So what makes Indaba Music different? Let’s take a look at 4 major reasons why Indaba Music is shredding the competition.