4 Tips for Landing an Ad Agency Gig by Using Snapchat

A recruiter dishes on dos and don'ts

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Snapchat video views have tripled since May and now total 6 billion every day, according to a Financial Times story on Sunday. The report only solidifies the notion that the messaging app is the hottest thing going on among marketers. 

So if you want to land an ad agency gig, the language of "snaps" is really good to know at this juncture in digital-media history. What better way of communicating your Snapchat expertise to your prospective employer than via the mobile app itself?

We chatted with Alan Cutter, CEO of recruitment firm AC Lion, whose clients include WPP and Horizon Media. Cutter had some useful advice on how to make every post count:

1. There is no chance for a second impression. "This isn't iMovie or a text resume that you can edit, perfecting each shot or word," said Cutter. "Have a well-thought-out blueprint." 

2. Keep it visual. Make a Snapchat Story by taking pictures of the work you're most proud of, to show employers what you can do. "If you have a project you worked on, a deck or a clip, use it," said Cutter. "Show your best slide, your biggest win."

3. Sweat the small stuff. Little details, like paying attention to the background of a video, are crucial, said Cutter. "Is the job part of a team? Have other people in there. Like to work in a coffee shop? Film it in there."

4. Do your research. Cutter recommends that job seekers snoop around on an agency's other social channels to get a feel for the place before sending a snap. "Those people already have what you want—a job," he said. "Showcase yourself fitting in to the company, contributing to their success."

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