40 Days Later…Somebody Is Still Using Chatroulette?

We figured the Chatroulette craze had come and gone by now, but at least one person’s still using it, and by person we mean the Travelocity garden gnome.

Clickz reports that the effort has resulted in 350,000 impressions and 400 “conversations” with “potential customers.”

And yes, it became some staffer’s job to sit there and “next” all the genitalia chat with potential customers. You can get paid to do this.

But are Travelocity customers really hanging out on Chatroulette?

Janet Northern, spokesperson for McKinney, Travelocity’s agency of record, told Clickz: “Here’s a captive audience that may be in need of a trip.”

We agree, but maybe we need to work on getting them out of their basements before we can get them on a plane.