40% of Facebook Users Are Zynga Users…Just Zynga

According to a Business Insider article in January of 2011, Facebook has over 600 million monthly active users, which got us at Social Times thinking: how many of Facebook's monthly active users are also monthly active Zynga users? If our math is correct, around 40% of Facebook users are also Zynga gamers.

According to a January 2011 Business Insider article, Facebook has over 600 million monthly active users. After learning of this, our team decided to put that statistic to the test by comparing it to the monthly active users of Zynga. Following some quick math, the team learned that around 40% of Facebook users are also Zynga gamers.

Think about it this way: Zynga, the social gaming powerhouse, has almost reached 50% of all active users of Facebook. Not only is this number historical for a Facebook developer, but it also shows how much control the company has over the social gaming industry. No other developer has had this much command in the social gaming industry before.

If Zynga has this much control over the Facebook population, could Zynga get what it wants from Facebook? This question relies heavily on Facebook’s reaction to Zynga’s power. As of now, Facebook has the power to minimize Zynga’s affect on its population by careful measures. However, if action is not taken soon enough, could Zynga possibly get whatever it wants from Facebook? If Facebook does place regulations on Zynga, would Zynga move its games elsewhere, which would move Facebook’s population to another social networking website?

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