Dude, It’s 4/20… And There’s a Comedy Show Happening on Twitter. Woah.

If you’re in the mood for some laughs today (for any reason, any reason at all), check out Comedy Central’s #ComedyShow happening today on Twitter. Tune in at 2pm ET (11am PT) to hear the best one-liners from comics like Michael Ian Black and Steve Agee. And to commemorate the pot smokers’ holiday that is 4/20, you’ll even get some insight into “autobiographical” reefer experiences.

A joint effort from Comedy Central’s Atom.com and Jokes.com and WitStream, the Twitter standup performance will last for about an hour. Anyone interested in tuning in should follow the #ComedyShow hashtag and visit the two websites to keep up with the fast-moving wit.

Anyone in the audience can use the #ComedyShow hashtag to tweet out their own one-liners and heckles, and the best ones will be highlighted on the official feeds on Atom.com and Jokes.com. Of course, you’ll have to be at the top of your game to be featured, so we hope you can find something to “boost” your creativity today…

As PCMag.com reports, none of the comedians have actually agreed to light up while tweeting, but there have been veiled references to “somehow” celebrating the day:

“I’m more than capable of co-hosting this event – I have a medical marijuana card. That makes me a professional,” said Agee.

In case you forgot already, the show is happening today at 2pm ET (11am PT) on Twitter. Just follow #ComedyShow and visit Atom.com and Jokes.com to hear from your favorite Comedy Central comedians.

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