Marijuana Mag April Fool’s Finds Belated Taker

On Friday, the good folks at Burbank’s The 420 Times, a print and online publication that covers medical marijuana and natural healing, published an item about their new iPhone app “Dude, Don’t Bust My Grow.” Designed to alert operators of medical marijuana dispensaries whenever law enforcement folks are in the vicinity, it was also said to boast this neat add-on:

“We added a ‘Chalupa-Mode’ to the app,” said editor Dave Brian. “Not only can people see the Feds coming their way now but they can also find the nearest Taco Bell — a real bitch sometimes when you’re jonesing.”

Apparently, Tom Blair of the San Diego Union-Tribune glanced too quickly at the item to catch the above paragraph, or the fact that the app was priced on iTunes for a wink-wink $4.20, or the added notation at the very bottom of the article indicating this was all a gag. He writes up the “Dude, Don’t Bust My Grow” app news today with nary a hint that he’s in on the joke.

Expect a correction shortly.

Update – 04/08/11: We kept waiting for the correction to appear in Blair’s original column. But it turns out he acknowledged in a subsequent April 6th dispatch that indeed, the toke was on him.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.