44% Of Fortune 50 Brands Show Facebook Icons

Only 44 percent of Fortune 50 companies display Facebook icons as links on their homepages.

Only 44 percent of Fortune 50 companies display social media icons on their homepages.

This finding comes from AdAge columnist B.L. Ochman, who apparently looked at the homepages of the Fortune 50 companies to see whether said destinations included icongraphic links to social media.

Ochman has looked for these links on Fortune 50 homepages and trumpeted the shortfalls for three years in a row, so it seems odd that these brands haven’t gotten the message. She does a clever job of calling out these companies’ marketing naivete:

Are companies still unsure how stockholders feel about social media? Are IT, marketing, PR, sales, legal and — of course — the bean counters and whomever else still fighting for control of emerging media. You bet they are!

I can agree that many of these old-time financial and corporate sites have earned some Google-juice over the years, but that’s no excuse for not creating new, blended home pages to represent the company to its stakeholders. It’s time to accept the fact that any and all information that would appear on a company’s investor relations site is freely available in Google and other search engines’ financial pages.

We continue to see examples of how social media affects all of the departments Ochman mentions, and not just at Fortune 50 companies. Of course, many top brands have splashpages before their main homepages appear, but we’re going to presume that the discussion of shortfalls in Facebook links refers to the pages that show up after the splash. If you disagree with that assumption, please let us know in the comments section.

While we’re at it, readers, what do you make of the fact that only 44 percent of Fortune 50 companies prominently display links to social media on their respective homepages?

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