Google Glass Live-Steam App Helps Doctors Get Instant Advice

remedyGoogle Glass, despite its social awkwardness, is getting a lot of attention in the public service sector – firefighters and doctors alike. With the wearable interface, doctors can use it to quickly access patient information during critical periods, and now, they can also use it to ask for a second opinion.

The technology comes from Remedy, a Google Glass platform that allows doctors to live-stream sessions to other professionals in order to seek advice. Created by Noor Siddiqui and Gina Siddiqi, the sisters bring medical school experience to the health profession via emerging wearable technology.

Their mission:

We went to the most cutting edge hospitals in the world and were shocked by the misuse of technology.

Doctors and nurses spent more time looking at computer screens than at patients.

Critical moments for the sickest patients were lost looking for imaging results and lab updates buried in  unlabeled CDs or huge stacks of printed reports.

Paper forms were both redundant over electronic forms and full of contradictory information.

The next stage of our relationship with technology — using wearable devices — should be used to benefit our health.


Via FastCo.