47 Million People Looked for Back-to-School Ideas on Pinterest in 2017

50 percent of U.S. college-aged students are on the network

Back to school is the second-largest shopping season of the year artisteer/iStock
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The echoes of the July 4 fireworks are still fading, but Pinterest is already thinking about back-to-school ideas.

Pinterest said 47 million people search for back-to-school ideas on its network last year, adding that 80 percent of moms in the U.S. and 40 percent of dads are on its platform.

Overall, 90 percent of Pinterest users said they come to the site for ideas on products to purchase.

Pinterest said back to school is the second-largest shopping season of the year, with families spending $83.6 billion on it in 2017—$29.5 billion on kindergarten through 12th grade and $54.1 billion on college. Elementary school parents spent an average of $687 per child.

Speaking of college, 50 percent of U.S. college-aged students are on Pinterest.

Pinterest said Pinners are 1.4 times more likely than non-Pinners to buy children’s clothes, 1.4 times more likely to purchase home decor and 1.2 times more likely to buy groceries based on recommendations from brands.

Pinterest also shared these tips for brands prepping for back-to-school season:

  • Style: Give harried parents some help with simple ways they can refresh their kids’ style, like piecing together mix-and-match outfits. Staples like denim, trainers and solid tops paired with statement pieces like dusters, boho dresses and kimonos are what’s in right now. Recommended interests: mom advice, pre-K resources, elementary schools, women’s fashion, family activities.
  • Home: Leaving home for college can feel uncomfortable, but a cozy dorm can make all of the difference. Help college students deck out their dorms by sharing a variety of decor—from boho to industrial to eclectic—that show how a few products can really pull a room together. Recommended interests: home decor, interior design, wallpaper, storage, college.
  • Food: Following a relaxing and carefree summer, heading back to school can be total chaos for kids and parents alike. Weekday dinners and on-the-go snacks are what they need to ease back into their routines. Oh, and bonus points for healthy meals that don’t break the bank. Recommended interests: mom advice, fruit, healthy recipes, family activities, parenting.

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