5 Big Digital Marketing Stats We Learned From Dmexco

Here's one: E-commerce is huge in China

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The digital marketing conference Dmexco wrapped up in Cologne, Germany, today, with plenty of interesting stats about mobile, branded content and e-commerce. Here are the five most interesting insights:

1. Instagram made its pitch for more global marketing budgets today, building on last week's announcement that its ad business is opening up to all advertisers by the end of the month with new 30-second video ads.

Amy Cole, head of brand development for Instagram EMEA, made the case for brands to buy ads on the platform with data from 400 Nielsen studies covering two years of campaigns. Per Instagram, 97 percent of ads have generated "significant" ad recall, with the average campaign boosting recall by 17 points.

"The [results] have shown us two important things: We can create community value and advertising value by focusing on high quality and authenticity, and that we have the ability to move the metrics that drive your business," Cole said.

2. Like most brands, MasterCard is going through a massive transformation towards digital. During a keynote panel, global CMO Raja Rajammar outlined the company's new approach to marketing, which includes a program called Priceless Surprises that rewards cardholders with unexpected events. During the Grammys last year, fans who tweeted a hashtag got a link to download a Justin Timberlake song for free. Since then, MasterCard has rolled out 250,000 surprises in 15 months for its cardholders.

3. E-Commerce is big business in China. JD.com, the country's largest business-to-consumer site, has more than 600 million users and 373 million people who shop straight from the site. Those numbers are nothing to sniff at considering that Jack Ma's powerhouse Alibaba reported that it had 350 million active shoppers in March.

4. Friskies' "Dear Kitten" video series has become the go-to case study for BuzzFeed's branded content. On Wednesday, Nestle's digital innovation founder Stephanie Naegali said the original three-minute clip has racked up more than 23.5 million views on YouTube, with millions of additional views for the other videos in the series.

5. Speaking of BuzzFeed, the viral news site has made a big international push into markets like Europe and Japan. Kate Burns, general manager of BuzzFeed Europe, told Adweek that 45 percent of BuzzFeed.com's traffic comes from outside the U.S. In Germany, traffic increased 32 percent between May and June to now bring in 3.3 million unique visitors.

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