5 Career-Killing Facebook Profile Photos

Before posting that hilarious shot of yourself at last night's binge-drinking party, consider who may looking at your Facebook profile.

Anyone who can click a mouse can see your Facebook profile photo.

This means your mom, your local spiritual leader and even your boss can view, download or share whatever photo you choose as your personal Facebook icon.

Common sense would dictate that such great exposure should inspire personal censorship; but alas, a good one third of all profile photos on Facebook feature images that simply make the photo’s owner look less than like-worthy.

So, before posting a new profile photo, heed our warning: Avoid the following Facebook profile photo sins.

1. Xeroxed Butt Photos

Sure, we understand your day at the office was boring. We get that you had to find something to occupy your time.

It’s one thing to photocopy your body parts for entertainment, but posting such pictures on your Facebook Profile brings your immaturity to a new level – not to mention your boss could easily see the picture and fire you for wasting company resources.

Whether your derrière is clothed or not, this is a definite no-no.

2. I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt Photos

Unless you own a nudist colony or make your living as an adult film star, you should remain fully clothed in all profile pictures.

Facebook’s audience includes people of all ages – even your grandmother. Granny is not likely to understand your quest for a mate requires dressing like a skank for Facebook pictures.

Think about it: Do you really want to look like you belong on “The Jersey Shore?” Trust us: Put on a shirt before you snap the photo.

3. Fido and Fluffy Photos

You love your pets. They are like your children. They may even be cute, but we guarantee you no one finds your pets as cute as you do.

Your profile photo is supposed to identify you in the Facebook community.

If you choose to use a dog’s photo instead of your own, you may be sending the wrong message about your personality!

4. Little Jimmy On The Big-Boy Potty Photos

Your children’s accomplishments are worth celebrating and sharing with all of your friends.

Do this in a status update, not in your profile photo. Your main image needs to capture the essence of you, not your kids.

5. Party-Hardy Photos

These have caused more trouble than any other of the Facebook profile photo sins on this list. Pictures of yourself drinking, smoking and having a riotous time with friends sends the wrong message.

Even if you only party once in a while, using this kind of image as your main one sends the message that you are an irresponsible person.

Just ask Ashley Payne (pictured), the high school teacher fired over vacation photos where all she does is hold a glass of Guinness.

According to CBS News, Payne still has yet to find full time employment thanks to this incident two years ago.

So, no matter what photo you choose to represent you in the Facebook community, make sure it’s not easily misinterpreted by the world at large.

Choose something tasteful, that shows you at your best. Otherwise, you are sure to eventually face the consequences of your fun, but inappropriate, photos.

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