5 Cereals Twitter Users Are Desperate to Bring Back

French Toast Crunch is only the beginning

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When General Mills relaunched its sugary French Toast Crunch cereal on Friday after an eight-year hiatus, Twitter exploded with gratitude.

Ever since, the cereal has been consistently trending on Twitter. And the news is stirring up chatter about other breakfast treats worthy of a comeback.

It's not the first time consumers have lobbied companies on social media to bring back old-school products. (That's why Burger King started cooking up chicken fries again and Bobbi Brown re-released its Wine lipstick.) But people seem to have a nostalgic streak for cereal in particular—likely because of the muscle that packaged-good brands put into marketing them.

Based on Twitter chatter, here are five sweet cereals that marketers should consider reviving.

1. Oreo O's

Post Foods rolled out Oreo O's in 1998, but they were discontinued in 2007 in all markets except South Korea.

Chocolate lovers might be out of luck when it comes to bringing the cereal back to grocery stores, though. After a spin-off between Post and Kraft (now part of Mondelez), the two companies separately own the cereal’s recipe and rights to the Oreo name. They'd have to work together on any kind of comeback.

For those who are still longing to get their hands on some O's, Amazon and eBay both sell the stuff.

2. Waffle Crisp

While Waffle Crisp hasn't completely vanished from stores since it launched in 1996, it is hard for cereal connoisseurs to track down.

Post has gradually phased out Waffle Crisp over the past few years after introducing a different cereal named Waffle Crunch as part of its Good Morenings line aimed at families on a budget.

Still, Post Foods sells boxes of Waffle Crisp online for $4.99 each or 12 boxes for $49.99, but it is tough to find in stores.

Of all the requests on Twitter over the past week, Waffle Crisp appears to have a particularly vocal fan base.

3. Nesquik cereal

While Nesquik cereal is still available in certain areas of the world, the hybrid product between General Mills and Nestlé disappeared from U.S. shelves in 2012

That hasn't stopped fans from trying to get their hands on a box though. The cereal goes for $14.50 a box on Amazon plus shipping, and fans have also set up Facebook pages to serve as a kind of underground market where people can buy the cereal that turns boring regular milk into a chocolatey concoction.


4. Pop Tarts Crunch

Under the tagline "They’re Pop Tarts for your spoon," Pop Tarts Crunch cereal only lasted one year in stores.

The sugary cereal debuted in 1994 with two flavors—brown sugar cinnamon and strawberry—but was wiped away in 1995.

Nonetheless, the cereal has spawned a thread on Kellogg's site, a Facebook page and a slew of tweets.

5. Booberry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry

General Mills launched Count Chocula and Franken Berry in 1971, followed by Booberry in 1972 as marshmallow cereals aimed at kids. 

This year, the trio of products came back with a DC Comics partnership and a digital app. But fans are limited to enjoying the seasonal treats in September and October.

When the cereal isn't in stores, plenty of social media users count down the days until it's back. They can also buy it on Amazon.


@laurenjohnson lauren.johnson@adweek.com Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.