5 Common App Advertising Mistakes

At our Social Gaming and Gambling Summit today, SupersonicAds VP of business development Damon Marshall shared advice for adding placing advertisements inside of social games.

Even if you aren’t a social game player, his advice applies just as well to apps and other digital media with advertisements.

Here’s more about his presentation: “Everybody knows that the overwhelming majority of users will never pay for anything in a game; yet, some developers still believe the only way to make money is to ignore these users and cultivate those who do open their wallets … [he guides] you through the various ways savvy developers are substantially increasing daily ARPU (not ARPPU!) by paying attention to the audience that matters most, the 98 percent that will never pay with their credit card.”

5 Common App Advertising Mistakes

1. Don’t interrupt the experience.

2. Don’t make it easy for people to click on your ads by mistake.

3. Don’t use irrelevant ads inside the experience.

4. Don’t make your ad distracting or annoying.

5. Don’t let your reader or gamer feel exploited.

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