5 Creative uses of Flash and interactive storytelling

Flash is capable of more than just audio slideshows. Some of the most innovative uses of the animation software are happening outside of journalism and are challenging the traditional notions of storytelling through interactivity and innovation.

Jordan: History of Flight

The storied career of basketball legend Michael Jordan is told through this interactive timeline that uses eye-catching and interactive graphics to make Jordan’s story even more powerful.

HBO Imagine: The Affair

Cable channel HBO knows what makes a good story and has a whole rack of awards to prove it. It’s latest foray into interactive online storytelling is this narrative that tells a single story from four different perspectives.


To showcase its 2009 collection, clothing retailer UNIQLO created an interactive runway where users can select a model and read more about the clothes they are wearing. It’s unique interface creates a more dynamic shopping experience.

What’s the Real Cost?

This interactive Flash game developed by health insurance non-profit Regence seeks to educate users on the hidden fees and bureaucracy often associated with American health care system. Like most Flash games, it is fun but subliminally educational.

A Journey Beyond

Sure it’s a clever way to sell more monogram bags, but Louis Vuitton’s interactive conversation between astronauts Jim Lovell, Sally Ride and Buzz Aldrin is nevertheless brilliant. It is clever not only in its use of Flash, but in creating an immersive experience that draws the viewer in to the stories of the three history makers.

The aforementioned sites took a lot of time and exceptional talent to create, but it doesn’t mean novice or intermediate Flash users can’t take some of the basic storytelling and interaction techniques and apply them to their own stories. Flash has a wide range of capabilities and it takes just a little imagination and effort to create something new and unique.

Haven’t yet mastered the basics of Flash? Check out the Flash tutorials available at w3schools.com, kirupa.com and lynda.com.

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