5 Gum Uses 3D Generator To See How Facebook Fans React To New Flavor

The latest craze in movies and TV seems to be the resurrection of 3D, and now Wrigley’s 5 Gum is bringing a taste of the third dimension to Facebook. To promote its latest flavor, React, 5 Gum has developed an application that allows you to create your own image scape, with your keystrokes determining the shapes and patterns that drift across your screen. You can then share your creations with Facebook friends by inviting them to view a gallery of screen shots that can be seen in 3D or 2D.

A dedicated tab on the 5 Gum fan page shows a brief video and displays a link to the 5 React site where fans can find out if they’ve been chosen to receive a free pack of 5 React, a pair of 3D glasses and their unique code to unlock the React sensory experience. The application pulls in pictures from your account and displays them on a series of monitors before deciding whether or not you’ve been chosen to receive a free black envelope.

Once you’ve logged into the experience through Facebook Connect, a series of changing shapes and colors can be controlled with your keyboard to create a one-of-a-kind image that is periodically saved into a gallery that can be shared with friends. You can then invite friends to check out your creations with a post in your Facebook news feed that links back to the 5 React site.

5 Gum has more than 1 million fans of its Facebook page, with some significant spikes in new fans over the last couple of weeks. The page’s growth appears to be fairly organic, as there isn’t much to view on the page other than the current React promotion.

This latest promotion will help gather important information about which demographics to target for future advertising for the new flavor, but it does come with some risks. By attaching an offer for a freebie to the promotion, there is the reality that some users will sign on just to get the complimentary goods while not really being interested in the product. This does still spread brand awareness, however, so it can still be viewed as a positive when implementing this type of campaign.