5 Holiday Shopping Season Goals for Brands on Facebook (Infographic)

The holiday shopping season is getting closer, and Facebook IQ gift-wrapped five key areas for marketers to focus on.

The holiday shopping season is getting closer, and Facebook IQ gift-wrapped five key areas for marketers to focus on.

Facebook IQ’s “Five Ways to Unwrap Holiday 2015” follow, along with supporting data from the social network’s research arm:

Make it a gateway moment

  • 59 percent of shoppers worldwide plan to do things differently this holiday season.
  • 53 percent plan to shop across multiple channels.
  • 40 percent plan to do more shopping online.
  • 37 percent plan to do most of their shopping before Black Friday, with that number rising to one-half in the U.S. and U.K.

Make it experiential

  • 44 percent of people say they want activities or meals with loved ones, but just 34 percent plan to give those as gifts.
  • 41 percent want the gift of travel, but only 15 percent plan to give the gift of travel.

Make it visual

  • 73 percent of posts, photos and videos in December 2014 were created via mobile.
  • People share 28 percent more photos and videos via mobile during the holiday season than during the rest of the year.
  • 63 percent of Instagram users say they use the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network to document their lives.

Make it better

  • Highlights of the holiday season for respondents included family (85 percent), food (60 percent), giving presents (44 percent), getting presents (37 percent) and travel (33 percent).
  • On the flip side, “stressors” included financial pressure (47 percent), gift shopping (40 percent), cooking (21 percent), family (16 percent) and travel (13 percent).

Make it mobile

  • Discovery: There are 8 billion video views per day on Facebook, with the vast majority of them via mobile devices.
  • Action: 74 percent of millennials on Instagram take action based on posts.
  • Sharing: 2.7 times more posts, photos and videos were shared via mobile last December than via desktop.
  • Shopping: One-quarter of 2014 holiday shopping season purchases were made via mobile.

Marketers: Are you ready for the holiday rush?


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