5 Myths About eBooks Debunked

Here at eBookNewser we’ve been reading eBooks for years, but we realize that many people out there are still nervous about digital books. In fact, last month at the Digital Book World conference in New York, Kelly Gallagher, VP, publishing services at R.R. Bowker, revealed that 74% of book buyers have never bought an eBook. To help make the transition smoother, we’ve put together a list together to demystify eReaders.

1. eBooks don’t feel or smell as good as print books. Do you really read books for how they smell? eBooks have the same great stories as their print counterparts and you can carry around a lot more with you than you can print books.

2. eBooks are expensive. This is not true. eBooks are usually  cheaper than their hardcover counterparts. Plus there are millions of free eBooks out there in the public domain. And while eReaders used to be fairly pricey, these days you can get an eReader new for less than $100 and they are even cheaper if you get one second hand on eBay.

3. You can’t share an eBook. Not true. Barnes & Noble, Amazon allow eBook lending on Nook and Kindle devices. There are also services like eBookFling that let you swap eBooks with online friends.

4. You can’t check an eBook out of the library. False. OverDrive has partnerships with 1,000 publishers more than 15,000 libraries that make it easy for you to check out titles from your local branch and read them on your device.

5. eReaders are hard to use. If you have used a smartphone or a computer, you can probably figure out how to use an eReader, as most are designed pretty intuitively. In addition, most eReader companies have online tutorials, call centers or even help in stores to help you trouble shoot.