5 Reasons Why I Don't Care About the iPad

I’m not commenting on whether or not the iPad will live up to the hype, it might end up being the greatest invention since the indoor toilet. I am merely sharing my opinion on why I am shutting the gadget out of my life. Your thoughts are welcome in the comments section below.

– I’m a PC guy. No one likes to admit it aloud, especially if you’re a creative type strolling the streets of NYC. But for my computer needs, the PC platform suits me just fine. I have no problem editing video, producing podcasts or organizing media. I’m not anti-Mac, but I don’t see a need to complicate my life with two platforms that don’t always play well together. I’ve thought about making the switch (every 2.7 years when I need a new computer), but I don’t have the desire to learn from the ground up. Plus, when I first bought an iPod, iTunes pissed me off. Between all of the updates and lost songs, I chucked the iPod for a PC-friendly Sansa MP3. Since I’m keeping the external components I already own, and know how to deal with any minor “crashes,” it’s simply easier to keep my life Mac-free.

– I’m too busy right now. Is it just me or did someone recently crank the amount of noise surrounding our lives? With things moving so fast, I’ve made a conscious decision to check-out of the iPad news cycle. As a blog writer, I am already struggling through a deluge of press releases and product info. Right now, the iPad just seems like too much to handle. With a new app release every day, there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to keep up without letting something else slide.

– Touch screens piss me off. Yes, they’ve come a long way, but for my fumbling meat hooks, I still need a physical keyboard. Screen protectors cost money, my fingers are greasy, and I like to keep devices in my pocket, therefore, there isn’t a touch screen on the planet that is Andrew-proof.

– I don’t need portable video or eBooks. Maybe I don’t travel enough or watch enough TV, but if I’m on the go, there’s about 20 other things I’d rather be doing than attaching myself to the third season of Mad Men.   If I want online video, I’ll stream it to my TV. I like to read as much as the next guy, but still enjoy the feel of paper on my fingertips.

– I already have a PC, Netbook and a Smartphone. The size of the iPad is off-putting. Even in the ads and photos I’ve seen, it simply looks awkward. In order to carry around something of that size, it would need to outperform the aforementioned gadgets by a country mile. That remains to be seen.

Let’s not get into a PC vs. Mac battle. Tell me why you think an iPad is worth the money or why you’re taking a pass.