5 Reasons You Should Attend Social Developer Summit

For the past few weeks we’ve been working hard at finalizing the agenda for the upcoming Social Developer Summit and are finally near completion. While there are still a few more speakers that we have left to announce, we’re really excited about how things are shaping up. If you are still figuring out whether or not you should attend, here are five reasons you should be at the event.

To Find The Solution To Technical Challenges

If you are the developer of an application, you know that overcoming challenges is a regular part of the process. Rather than spending weeks trying to figure out how to most effectively scale your application, come to Social Developer Summit and speak with developers who have already faced some of the challenges you’ve run into. While there’s always an opportunity to spend time chatting in the ICQ chat rooms and other online developer channels, meeting other developers in person could help you solve problems quicker down the road as you can turn to your personal contacts before connecting with people you’ve never met.

To Learn Best Practices

Prior to implementing new technologies, it’s a good idea to speak with people who’ve implemented it and find out their thoughts. For example, Cassandra has become a widely used database among many social application developers who wish to have more scalable solutions that deal with billions of data points. Prior to picking one service, find out the primary headaches that other developers who implemented such services experienced.

You Have Something To Share

Earlier this week at Google I/O I spoke to a senior engineer about scaling large data systems, something I’m personally interested in. He shared some solutions for problems that I was dealing with. For him, many of the problems I was facing were common issues, however many developers simply have not dealt with some of the challenges more experienced developers have.

If you happen to be one of those more experienced developers, this conference can be an opportunity to give back to the development community.

To Meet Other Engineers And Developers

While there are also hopefully things you can learn from other developers and engineers, giving back to the community can position you as a thought leader and help further your career and create opportunities for building new businesses. Networking is a key component of contributing to a community and benefiting from the same community you are helping build.

Learn About What Others Are Building

Attending Social Developer Summit will help you get an idea of the competitive landscape as well as learn about new tools that could potentially benefit you down the road. Keeping up to date about what developers are building is critical for any business. While you can find out much of what’s taking place by reading our sites, there are many things that we miss since there’s more information than we can possibly publish each day. Come to Social Developer Summit and learn what others in the industry are working on!

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